Brockton Cup of Nations

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register_now1The theme for the Brockton Cup of Nations is to seize the universal passion for sport, connect the nations and build community.  July 19 will be a day dedicated to celebrate our diversity and passions through the world’s game of Soccer.

Nations come together every four years to compete in the World Cup of Soccer. Brockton is an international city with many different nationalities represented. Through soccer, nations can come together and join with the community to build relationships and lasting friendships.

In 2013 the St. Louis Cup of Nations took place. A small group of community leaders from the area traveled to St. Louis to learn more and to bring the concept back to Brockton.

For questions or additions information about the Tournament on July 19th, please feel free to contract John Greisner or Jeff Wilson:

John Greisner 617.774.7005 | Jeff Wilson 781.878.7002

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